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Thanks for Defending the Internet, But I’ll take the Holderness Family Any Day

Two obscure bloggers, recently launched posts grievously criticizing the Holderness Family for being, well, uh… successful on the internet?

(See the most recent blog post here, I hesitate to tag either of them because they are drivel)

The Holderness Family‘s parental unit (Penn and Kim) have enjoyed a sizable amount of views on YouTube of their videos which include parodied versions of popular hip-hop and pop hits. These are very well done “domesticated” music video versions of songs that are popular in the current stream of music drones (“All About That Bass”, check out their parody here) Or, the videos are redone songs that 90’s teens, like me, loved and now suburban parents still relate to by changing the lyrics to reflect their lives and include their children.

Each bloggers’ basic point is the defense against the sick, shameless and obvious intention of the Holderness Family in using platforms like YouTube to entertain and connect with people who click on their videos and therefore gain ad dollars and follower-ship through their other social media platforms.

Wait, wha? Why is that wrong?

The two bloggers say some specific things as to why the Holderness family is wrong and should be condemned to hell. Their points are harsh, derogatory and uneducated but that’s not why the bloggers are off-base (or “Baste” :). They claim objectification and oppression of the Holderness children and of Kim Holderness, overt goofiness, “trying too hard”, Stepford-ism, ad-money-grubbing and well… just being liked. (Apparently being liked is offensive) By the end of the posts, I guess I just don’t believe what the bloggers have to say. Something seems plastic here and it’s not the Holderness Family.

I just have one main question for the bloggers before I wrap this up. (I do have 4 kids and job, so I can’t blog all day)

Who designated bloggers as the defenders of the internet?

Really, who asked you? Will someone please help me out? Give me a membership card, a business card, (jeez, a greeting card), that indicates that we need to be helped to or away from internet content by obscure, potty-mouthed and relatively unfollowed (compared to the Holderness Family) bloggers who hitch their platforms to successful internet platforms? Let’s be real, these two blogs received more views because of the criticism of a more successful media platform. Talk about sick, shameless and obvious intention.

Lastly, I LIKE the Holderness Family! Leave them alone, and let them enjoy the same thing every worthwhile blogger and content producer enjoys on the internet; the right to produce consumable (i.e. well-done, morally good and basically positive) content through a platform which they work hard to develop. Let them do so free from the cynical, elitist, internet gestapo who just don’t understand why The Holderness Family gets more eyes on their internet content than they could ever dream.

(Apologies, the amount of linking and my ranting style in this one indicates my support of the H-Family and my anger at internet oppression-Have a Nice Day!)

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