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Harry Potter vs. Star Wars, A Spiritual Comparison?

I once had a conversation with a fellow pastor, he was struggling with some spiritual issues and I quoted, not the Bible, but Yoda:

This one (Luke) a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph.” (from the Empire Strikes Back)

My friend looked at me as if I had large green ears growing out of my head. I was embarrased at the time as Christians are called to quote the Bible to one another not movies. But as I think about it now, what I said wasn’t unBiblical (Matthew 6:34), it was just illustrated well by what Yoda said.

I saw this post by Geek in Heels Harry Potter vs. Star Wars and was inspired. I have been a fan of Harry Potter for about five years now. As with the Star Wars films there are Relgious inlays to this HP franchise. Here are few from Christianity:

Harry/Luke: The Chosen One/Messiah a.k.a. Jesus

Ron/Han Solo: The Best Friend/Follower a.k.a James, John, Andrew

Hermoine/Leia: The Female/Counterpart a.k.a. Mary Magdalene

Hagrid/Chewbacca: The Muscle/Enforcer a.k.a. Peter

Magic/The Force: The Unseen Power at Work a.k.a. The Holy Spirit

Volemort/Darth Vader: The Villain/Antagonist a.k.a. Satan

Wand/Light Saber: The Weapon a.k.a. The Word of God

What are some themes/comparisons that you see?

The question becomes, which story took themes from who? Writers and story tellers say that we as humans are interested in the same stories over and over again told in different ways.

My belief is that the account of Jesus is the “Greatest Story Ever Told”. I believe that centuries later we are still telling the story in different ways because it connects with us at a foundational level. We know the story and believe it. We just have trouble with our citation and attribution. J.K. Rowling? George Lucas? Or authors like Jesus, Paul, Peter, Moses, Isaiah or Matthew.

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